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Hi, I’m Mitali – I’m an ethical publisher, and my program transforms B Corp, ethical, sustainable and social experts and entrepreneurs into bestselling authors. 

Bestselling books allow you to effortlessly step into a thought leadership role, attracting ideal clients, investors, and speaking opportunities and even gaining national and international press attention.

You have a message worth sharing.
Let me help you share it with the world.

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If you want to write a business book, and you want it to be absolute the best you can write, then work with Mitali. She supports you through a structured process and journey, and is there whenever you need her, supporting you and your book with professional editors, copywriters, and cover designers. Where else do you get that as a one-stop-shop?!


Amanda redman – Author, Dare To Be Fair
Headshot of Amanda Redman with her published book

A Small Selection of Our Authors…

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Bobbi with her book - Freedom From a Toxic Relationship With Food - Thought Leader Ecosystem
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Lillian So with her book - So Empowered - Thought Leader Ecosystem
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Kimberly Danner with her book - Gen Z Plant Powered - Thought Leader Ecosystem

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The Thought Leader Ecosystem

  • Go from zero to published author in 6 months.
  • Done-for-you copyediting, proofreading, cover design, typesetting and publishing.
  • Access to daily mentoring and accountability.
  • Award-winning PR experts to transform you into a sought-after thought leader.

What I Do

As a book publisher, I provide world-class professional consulting and publishing services that are eco-conscious and cruelty-free. My method reduces overwhelm, procrastination and imposter syndrome by working with a 100% ethical team of highly qualified editors, designers, typesetters, PR experts, content creators and social media experts. Everything you need under one roof.


Boost Your Visibility!

A book will help you step into a thought leadership role, transforming you into an authority in your industry and enabling you to attract ideal clients, investors, speaking opportunities, profits, and even national and international press attention. Imagine waking up every day with a flurry of email interview requests from podcast hosts, journalists and social media influencers.

Put Your Mission, Movement and Message on the Map

Published authors naturally attract attention, getting their businesses or brands the attention they deserve. Imagine spending more time focusing on the important work you do and love. That’s what happens when you become an author.

Attract Success

Why do you think nearly all guests and keynote speakers at conferences, summits, podcasts and shows you attend are introduced as a ‘bestselling author?’ Whether you want to attract higher-paying clients, angel investors, donors, strategic partnerships or affiliates, writing a professional nonfiction book gives you the easiest path to success.

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If you are interested in writing a book, do not do it alone! Comparing my excruciating experiences 20 years ago writing my first book alone versus my experience now with Mitali, I repeat, do not do it alone. Go with Mitali. She’s brilliant. She knows this area inside and out.


Bobbi Guidicelli – Author, freedom from a toxic relationship with food
Headshot of Bobbi Guidicelli Headshot with her published book

Hi, I’m Mitali

An internationally bestselling author of The Freedom Master Plan and a former ghostwriter who has helped her clients generate more than $6.5 million in profits, I’ve experienced the power of a book.

I’ve also met many people whose views on health, social causes, animal ethics and the climate were changed permanently after reading a book.

It’s why I’m living my life’s mission as ‘The Authority Creator’ for B Corp, ethical, sustainable and social experts and entrepreneurs. My 100% ethical team and I help position them as an authority in their field, amplifying their voices and boosting their visibility, sales and profits, so together, we can change the world, one book at a time.

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