Influence, Impact and Incoming Leads

Do you look at other people in your industry smashing it with their speaking gigs, podcast appearances and mainstream media coverage? They are the authority and expert voice – even though you know you offer something equally as good, if not better?

The difference between someone who steps up into that thought-leadership role and everyone else is publishing a book. The moment you can say you’re a bestselling author is the moment that all your offers will come flooding into your inbox.

Writing a book doesn’t need to be a process that takes years. You can write your book and get it listed on Amazon in as little as three to six months.

You are the expert in your field. Now is the time to step into the role and share your mission with the world.

James Boardman with his book
James Boardman with his book

The Expert Program

The Expert program takes away any of that overwhelm, imposter syndrome, or procrastination you feel about writing a book.

My proven method breaks down everything you need into bite-sized chunks. You approach the book-writing process in the exact order you need to create a high-quality book.

This program is designed to get your manuscript prepped and polished for publishing in an extremely rapid and efficient way.


What’s Included?

  • Unlimited access to step-by-step training videos so you can go at your own pace.
  • Learn how to create a powerful, bestselling concept for your book.
  • Learn how to plan and write your book quickly while maintaining high quality.
  • Guidance on how to add quality artwork.
  • A system to get honest feedback from your beta-readers, so your book hits the shelves in the best position for selling.
  • Supportive Slack group for support as well as networking with other authors
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions designed to obliterate confusion, overwhelm and procrastination, and get you unstuck.

    Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside…

    Why This Works

    Once you position yourself as an expert, you will start to generate a sustainable flow of quality leads for your vegan or ethical business. A book will help you gain the level of visibility you need to sell your high-ticket products and services consistently.

    Benefits of Being a Published Author

    • Visibility
    • Influence
    • Expert status
    • Revenues
    • Lead generation
    • Podcast interview opportunities
    • Speaking invitations
    • Creates outstanding marketing opportunities

    The benefit of working with The Vegan Publisher is our core values.
    We are 100% committed to compassion for animals, humans, and the environment.

    Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

      I’ve ghostwritten seven bestselling books, which have generated $6.5 million in business revenue for my clients. Armed with this knowledge and expertise, I’ve now taken 16 authors through to bestseller status on Amazon.

      The Expert works for authors like you because I developed it while I was a successful ghostwriter. I’ve encountered all the pitfalls and mistakes first-time authors make, so I designed The Expert to take the risk out of the process.

      First-time authors like Amanda, who was passionate about helping raise awareness amongst women of the financial inequalities they may face in their lifetimes and giving them ideas and advice on how to approach these challenges.

      Before working with The Vegan Publisher, Amanda had never written a book and worried if her thoughts would even be coherent.

      She now has a bestseller to her name, a diary packed with invitations to talk and network with all the opportunities that bring with it, and is finally seeing her dream of becoming an author come true.

        Or Bobbi, who was a classic procrastinator. She had an important message to share with people who struggle with food and how she was able to rid herself of her demons by becoming plant-based.

        However, she was anxious and put off writing for several years as a book she wrote 20 years ago took her a tortuous two years to write.

        She worked with The Vegan Publisher and was able to publish her book in just a few months. Her book is now a key marketing tool for Read The Ingredients, her exciting line of whole-food plant-based breakfasts.

        Why You Need to Tell Your Story

        You’ve done well for yourself. Your business is humming along, but something is missing. You’re eager to reach more people with your message. You intuitively know now is the time to get your book written and published, but time is a factor. A book definitely positions your expert status as well as creates the opportunity to leave a legacy.

        As a conscious business leader, you’re ready to put your stake in the ground by doing what it takes to get your first, or next, book written and published. The books you’re interested in writing and publishing are those that position you as an authority in your industry. Books that will reap the benefits of visibility, media attention, easy and seamless lead generation, and increased revenues with greater profit margins. You fully understand that regardless of how altruistic your mission is, you know it’s extremely important to generate revenues to have a greater impact.

        Whether you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, C-Suite executive, nonprofit director or company founder, a book is the best way to drive traffic, generate leads, and gain media interest while achieving your goals with more influence.

          Share Your Mission, Movement and Message

          As plant-based eating, sustainable living and ethical choices become mainstream, more vegan and plant-based businesses are run and owned by non-vegans. When you write a book, your values-driven business changes the conversation around veganism, health, animal rights and the environment.

          There are publishing companies that have vegan imprints, but like many companies, there are no vegans in positions of leadership. That stops right here, right now.

          Plant-Based and Vegan Author-Led Industries

          There are many types of books vegan or ethical authors write and publish, including (but not limited to):

          • Health and Fitness
          • Home Gardening
          • Philanthropy
          • Investments
          • Clothing Designers
          • Decoration
          • Feng Shui
          • Business
          • Relationships
          • Animal care
          • Environment

            Are You a

            As the go-to publisher for B Corporation leaders, I am committed to your success. Earning the prestigious B Corp Certification recognizes the company’s and stakeholders’ efforts in not only being a world-class company but also their ethical standards and social responsibility.

            A Certified B Corporation is an organization that achieves the highest standards of social responsibility. I will enable you to write a book worthy of your status.

            Hi, I’m Mitali

            Vegan since 2012, I realized I was almost halfway through my life, and my dream of a ‘vegan normal’ world would not happen unless the voices of vegan and ethical experts, influencers and entrepreneurs became louder.

            As an internationally bestselling author of The Freedom Master Plan and a former ghostwriter who has helped her clients generate more than $6.5 million in profits, I’ve experienced the power of a book. I’ve also met many people whose views on animals, health and the climate were changed permanently after reading a book.

            It’s why I’m living my life’s mission as ‘The Authority Creator’ for vegan/plant-based, ethical, sustainable, B Corp, cruelty-free, eco-conscious and social experts, influencers and entrepreneurs. My 100% vegan team and I help position them as an authority in their field, amplifying their voices and boosting their visibility, sales and profits, so together, we can change the world, one book at a time.

            Join my mission to create an army of conscious, ethical thought leaders through publishing, so our screams to end the exploitation of animals, humans, and the environment will become too loud to be ignored.

            When I’m not helping future thought leaders write life-changing books, I’m cuddling my rescue animals, craft-making or getting into dance battles on online dance platforms.

            My Company Values

              When you work through The Expert program, you work on my unique and proven approach to writing your book. But I also work with a team here at The Vegan Publisher, and it’s important to all of us that we create a world where kindness comes first.

              I know that being wealthy doesn’t mean being cutthroat. True wealth contributes to a cruelty-free world where kindness is at the core. I want conscious entrepreneurs and influencers to feel they have the right to make a lot of money but not at the expense of fighting for a kinder world.

              As an ethical vegan, I am committed to doing all I can to help other vegans and ethical leaders get their message out to market through published books. This is why I have completely ‘veganized’ my team.

              I have a unique perspective of what it takes to write a book, combining my experience as a ghostwriter, journalist, and copywriter with my passion for working with experts and authors committed to a vegan, ethical and sustainable life to create a stronger voice in the world.

              In our modern world, the loudest voices often silence those who speak up for the vulnerable. Our cancel culture is prevalent, and there has never been a more important time than now to leverage your influence and leadership.

              My lineage and culture are that women have their place… and we could be seen but were never encouraged to have a voice. We were expected to adhere to this heritage. Yet, I knew from an early age it was important to be not only seen but heard. And heard in a big way. This is what drives me.

              I love giving other people the opportunity to get their mission movement and message out to the world. Especially those who know they are a voice for the voiceless. One of the best ways to get your message out to market is to become a published author.