The Complete Front and Back Cover Solution

They say you should never judge a book by its cover… but we all do!

If you want a book cover worthy of your book, but don’t have the budget for a hot-shot designer – help is on its way.

Right here.

The Professional Book Cover for Cash-Strapped Authors bundle is the complete front and back cover solution.

Inside, you will receive EVERYTHING you could possibly need to create a professionally designed front and back cover with the perfect wording to entice would-be readers to pick up your book.

James Boardman with his book
James Boardman with his book
Dan Highcock with his book

What’s Included?


  • Roadmap: How to Design a Stunning, Eye-Catching Book Cover Concept if You’re Not Artistic – this will enable you to create a great book cover concept in the fastest time possible.
  • Report & Workbook: How to Create The Perfect Front & Back Cover Wording for Your Book – the shortcut to attention-grabbing front and back cover text instead of sweating over it for weeks. 


  • PowerPoint Book Cover Mockup Tool: Drag, drop, add and edit until your heart’s content! 16 nonfiction book templates to inspire your book cover.

      You’ll also receive …

      One Fully Editable Photoshop

      Wraparound Book Cover File

      (front, back and spine)

      The Freedom Masterplan Book

      With all fonts included, CMYK color and perpetual single-use license.

      Choose from 34 professional designs, all 300 DPI and suitable for print and Kindle books.

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